"You don't really build a great business, 

you build a great system for your business, 

and that's the business" 

- Brett Linkletter 
Founder of Misfit Media

Your system is made up of processes.

There are up to 25 unique processes that need to be documented to ensure your business system is repeatable, consistently.

The Bedrock System covers all of these areas for you.

We have a library of powerfully simple and smart templates that enable you to build your operations manual and systemise your operations as aligned to the way you work. 

You select the library templates as you see fit, as and when your business capacity allows. 

"You can't grow without it"

Little School

Maria Johnson

Managing Director

"This is amazing... a repeatable model that's clearly documented, enabling our amazing team to get on with what they're good at"


Rebecca Morahan


"... the library system you've created just makes sense. It's bloody brilliant"

Parka Insurances

Amadee Parker-Wadham

Managing Director

Pace yourself through your system build
as your business capacity allows or urgency demands
Step 1:  set up your single source of truth
Create your system documentation inline with the way your business works.  This will make your system much easier to understand, to reference and to maintain.
Select your starter kit of process templates based on your current business priorities. 
Incorporate your existing process documentation.
Get important information out of heads.
Create the home to capture changes to your processes as you grow and learn.
Step 2: get your system documented in full
Add and activate the remaining process templates as and when your business needs them. 
Step 3: gain control without being controlling
Make your system actionable.
Set up automation and process data integrations across your applications.
Make your business operations truly repeatable at arms length.

Get a Bedrock System

and take control of your processes

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