We make business documentation really simple and really smart

Our underlying philosophy is that process does not have to be complicated 

Our vision is to assist small and medium sized businesses to activate and embed clear, process driven documentation of how their business runs.  Why?  


Because we've seen and felt the empowerment, control, organisation and value this adds.

​We've spent years working across a wide spectrum of businesses types and teams - private, public, small, medium, large, government, charity, retail, product reseller, education, programme delivery, consultancy, technology, financial adviser, warehouse, community healthcare, laboratory, human resources... and the list is growing.

From these experiences we recognise the challenge and skill set it requires to get the documentation of a business established and maintained. The option of employing big consultancy fee based services or employing a process analyst are out of reach for most.

So we developed the Bedrock System to empower businesses to be supported to initiate, document and manage processes themselves.


Rachel has an innate ability to simplify process to its finest point. Her unique architectural thinking and process structure designs tied closely to her belief that process must be made easier, better and more affordable to small and medium businesses has created the Bedrock System.  She’s passionately energetic and enjoys a vibrant balance of all things life.

Jem has a supernatural talent for visualising, designing and simplifying the flow of a process. When blended with her passion and entrepreneurial insights into the business of business and understanding how it all works, she’s a powerhouse of analytical, logical and critical thinking.  She’s a walking talking sunshine, never stop smiling, infectiously creative, athletic superhuman who loves a good coffee.

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