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Wellington, New Zealand

There are up to 30 unique areas of your business that you need to document.  Where do you start?
With a Bedrock System Library 
that covers all of these areas for you.  
We've created templates that provide you with the structural guide to help you either write up the step-by-step procedural detail yourself or to fill in the gaps with your specific details, 
to enable you to build each area quick smart.
You select the library templates as you see fit
and as and when your business capacity allows.
Get Started
Create the formative foundation by setting up the documentation framework as aligned to your business practices.
Select just the process templates that you need to get started as based on your current business priorities. 
This establishes the place to then:
- Incorporate your existing process documentation
- Initiate getting all that important information out of heads
- Capture the processes that work and don't work as you learn and grow
Set up your single source of truth
Pace yourself through the build as your business capacity allows or urgency demands.  
Use current projects, points of change and growth and busy periods to capture those valuable learnings as you go.
Don't rethink it all later, you'll miss all the good bits.
Keep Building
Bring it to Life
Add and activate the remaining process templates as and when your business needs them.
Just repeat the process from the getting started phase.
Get your system documented in full
Make your system actionable.
Set up automation and process data integrations across your applications.
Make your business operations truly repeatable at arms length.
Control without being controlling