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Process must be documented with enough detail to achieve consistency in efficiency, learning, quality output and uniformity of execution.

They must be structured so they are usable and used.

Process documentation needs to be crisp and clear so you can easily show how everything fits together and gets completed, to anyone... your team, tech teams, consultants, franchisees, investors, potential purchasers, the Board and so on.

So the first thing is always to keep it simple. Like ridiculously simple. Complexity destroys comprehension.

But don't shortcut it and make it short on detail. The detail of every step needs to be captured, so the instructions can be used independently. And to minimise key person dependency.

Use the same process structure and design each time.

Go with the natural flow. When laying out your processes, work through them in the logical order in which they happen. This will ensure contextual understanding so finding something becomes intuitive versus the team relying on asking lots of questions.

Use natural language too, let's not be all stiff and boring with these things. Simplify it and make it relatable.

Add links from a process to the exact reference toolkits, guidelines websites etc that provide the supporting information on the 'why/how to think' level so its not all just the step by step detail.

And make sure you use lots of visual imagery, screenshots, screen captures and videos, to explain the procedures so you can use less words. It helps widen usability also to support those who work better with imagery vs text.

Clear and consistent is kind.


BEDROCK, we know business and we know business process like no other. We are process simplification experts. We’ve already pre-designed your processes to ensure consistency and have a clever system to customise our expertly designed workflow templates to your operations using a supportive process.

We know what processes you need to document, exactly how to document them and in what priority order and have templates actually 'ready-to-go'. We set up and have pre-designed your Process Street workflow management tool, so we can get you formalising your system super quick, enabling you to focus on completing the detailed steps.

Formalising a business system, simplified process design and documentation is complex. The Bedrock System is specifically designed to make this easier for you. '

Let's chat - the system to formalise your system


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