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Formalising your business system has the greatest impact TOMORROW.

✅ Being ready to scale into new locations, new range, new markets et al using a clear, repeatable model.

✅ Being ready to assess the effect of process change - regulatory driven, improvement driven or otherwise.

✅ Retaining your business IP when a key team member leaves.

✅ Being ready to train new team members against the system.

✅ As supportive, non-personal recourse when the system isn’t followed.

✅ Being ready to present your system to auditors and accreditors.

✅ Being ready to present your system to valuers and prospective purchasers.

If your business processes are well structured, documented and activated at these times, you can show how it all works, with consistency and efficiency. You use your ‘system’ as the primary tool, as supported by a great team.

The trick is pretty simple… start TODAY.

Break the work up into manageable parts.

Prioritise building the parts as aligned to key risk areas and to your strategy - run our quick, anonymous ‘People Reliance Test’ - to help identify key person dependency risk areas.

Set realistic stage dates and an end date for the work. It can take 12-18 months to complete.

Then commit the work and investment to the business plan.

Engage process experts with expertly pre-designed workflow templates and a supportive process.

Allocate and assign internal resources to the work.

Just like all good projects really.

Clear and prepared is kind.


BEDROCK, we know business and we know business process like no other. We are process simplification experts. We’ve already pre-designed your system structure and have a clever system to customise our expertly designed workflow templates to your operations using a supportive process.

We know what processes you need to document, exactly how to document them and in what priority order and have templates actually 'ready-to-go'. We set up and have pre-designed your Process Street workflow management tool, so we can get you formalising your system super quick, enabling you to focus on completing the detailed steps.

We are your process partner, so we stick by you using a supportive process to get this work done so you can:

  • increase business stability

  • increase the ability to expand through the creation of a repeatable model

  • command higher business valuations through the removal of key person dependency

  • support cleaner owner exits

Formalising a business system, simplified process design and documentation is complex. The Bedrock System is specifically designed to make this easier for you.

Let's chat -

the system to formalise your system


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