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Be a cicada and shed that old skin

Be a cicada and shed that old skin

This guy has just broken out of his old, restrictive skin. It's now served its purpose as a protective layer while he lived underground, anywhere between 2 and 17 years (yes, seriously).  So at this point, he's only got 5-6 weeks to live. He's got to evolve, and quickly so he can fly about and do those things he's been waiting all those years to do - sit clicking in the trees, find that mate and keep the circle of life going. 

Smart business owners follow a similar transformation as their business grows. They 'let go' and move out of the underground to new pastures and areas of focus and action. But it can be easier said than done shedding that skin huh? ​We get it and we've seen it.

You've worked hard to establish the way things are done. It's your baby.

The systems you've established are there for a reason, they've been tested and updated so the successes are repeated and the failures not repeated. So you need to confident that that way is repeated, consistently. It's hard to both not dip in and for your team to need you. 

How do you get ready to make the move out?

Get It Out of Heads - yours especially

Write It Down

Make It Visible

​Because what will this enable you?  

Confidence - to not dip in but watch from above.

Consistent customer service delivery

Franchiseability (not an actual word!) - make it repeatable, even if you never franchise.

A place to capture new learnings as you go. So it all stays up to date.

​Look at that cicada stretch, imagine how that would feel. So good.  ​Be like a cicada, shed that old skin, you’ve outgrown it.  Its your turn to start spending time singing in the trees.   Don't wait 17 years.  Get a Bedrock System. It will change the way your business runs.


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