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Never start documenting a process from scratch. Even knowing where to start with this blank canvas approach can feel overwhelming and pushes this important business task into the not-urgent category.

Just cut to the chase… use the experts that know how your business and operations already work and those who have pre-designed templates that therefore already match the process you are formalising. Experts who are also highly proficient in workflow management tools that can get it all set up for you and help you manage it on-going. Implementing new, complex software on your own incurs a steep learning curve and many unexpected set up challenges (it all looks so easy at the start doesn’t it?). It’s also difficult to compare the voluminous tool options and determine best fit.

Speed up creating a high quality business system so anyone can see how it all works, and one that is actually used. Make the time spent worth it and see a significant ROI on your efforts.

Stop the half completed efforts that only cover some of your admin, HR and H&S processes. Make it simple and complete and efficient.

Clear and productive is kind.

TIP 1: there is a plethora of ‘how to document a process’ guidelines out there that don’t provide any true guidance. Information that tells you what to do, not how to actually do it.

TIP 2: watch out for the plethora of ‘ready-to-go’ templates that often come attached to these guidelines. The quality is extremely variable, they are often from a public library that anyone can contribute to, and are typically singular processes vs templates designed to optimise the relationship between all the processes across a business. The time you’ll take realigning the template to your process can override the savings in using the template in the first place.


BEDROCK, we know business and we know business process like no other. We are process simplification experts. We’ve already pre-designed your system structure and have a clever system to customise our expertly designed workflow templates to your operations using a supportive process.

We know what processes you need to document, exactly how to document them and in what priority order and have templates actually 'ready-to-go'. We set up and have pre-designed your Process Street workflow management tool, so we can get you formalising your system super quick, enabling you to focus on completing the detailed steps.

We are your process partner, so we stick by you using a supportive process to get this work done so you can:

  • increase business stability

  • increase the ability to expand through the creation of a repeatable model

  • command higher business valuations through the removal of key person dependency

  • support cleaner owner exits

Formalising a business system, simplified process design and documentation is complex. The Bedrock System is specifically designed to make this easier for you.

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