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Let's talk about freedom

What is Freedom? 

It’s different to everyone right? 

For those that have set up businesses though, I’ve discovered the key reason they did that is for Freedom. And Freedom doesn’t necessarily mean selling up and moving on. 

It could mean...

being able to move to Samoa for 3 months so you can keep the family together while your partner has a work contract there. 

It might mean being able to move the entire family and business to a new country. For incredible experiences, to enable your kids to be the best they can be, to always be warm, to get out of your comfort zone in beautiful locations.

​It might mean release from the day-to-day management of your business. The continual firefighting, the hands-on oversight, the re-telling of how something needs to be done, the checking, the questions. 

It could also more simply mean freedom of thought and just having the time to enable you to do that. Time to plan and architect the way your business needs to work for you. To create new opportunities, new products, offerings, locations or just to get smarter in the way things are done. 

What is your Freedom? What do you want?  And more importantly, what do you NOT want? The latter is most certainly a key driving force in the decisions I make.

Your Freedom might look and sound different to all of this. You might not ever want to be out of your business. But I do know that you still want to create the platform should you ever want to grab those opportunities. 

The entrepreneur mindset tends to make these things happen though. We are the no rat race types.  We want to be flexible to run our businesses from wherever, with whomever. How are you going to get there?


Make it repeatable WITHOUT YOU.

But gain visibility of the actions. Make the decision and take action.

Liberate yourself. 

It feels AMAZING.

Get a Bedrock System and be in your Freedom. 


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