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Systemise to Know Where Best to Automate

Business process systemisation, always a key focal point in business books. The Personal MBA is another highlighting the importance of systemising your processes to define and see how things work, so you can then know where best to layer in automation.

Automation is most naturally and easily applied to your business processes that already function well and that operate on an algorithmic level.

The key to getting this right and to reduce the impact of quick software/app solution decisions creating rework in the future, is to FORMALISE YOUR SYSTEM through structuring and documenting it in a workflow management tool. So you have a clear map against which you can properly assess the best automation areas and to decide with confidence.

You don't confirm a new home build without clearly laid out architectural plans. Plans that enable you to see its lie on the land, to get a feel for how sunny and warm it will be, where and how you will live in it, its overall aesthetic -

Q: Why then do we make automation/software decisions, often quite flippantly, in our businesses without the same clear view?

Once you can see your business system, you make more informed decisions.

Q: Can you see which of your processes are best to automate? And those that are low hanging fruit options to enable getting quick runs on the board?

And if you're going to go to the effort of documenting your system and the processes by which it runs, make sure what you create can be reused, daily. So the investment in getting it done has a long term effect - smooth and quicken inducting new team members, assessing change, scaling with a repeatable model and when exiting your business.

Run our 1 minute Strength Test to check your system documentation rating:

How can you take away the pain and overwhelm of knowing where to start to formalise your system?

- Use smart, well designed workflow templates so you don’t reinvent the wheel.

- Use experts to support you progressing through the build.

Bedrock have your workflow templates ready to go alongside a supportive process to enable you to get it done.

If you are a NZ or Australian business that installs /services /repairs /hires /distributes or manufactures a product, runs projects or runs programmes, we are here to help.

Book a non-obligation chat and we'll show you the power of formalising your system -


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