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Write it down

How many times have you heard that recommendation? I hear it daily sometimes.

Often it relates to the memories you want to recall years later about your kids. Their quirks and personalities, the milestones, the achievements, the cheekiness. How you felt when they finally fell asleep after that massive tantrum… When they melted your heart with such innocence or kindness or hilarity. So we CAPTURE IT.

Because for most of us our brains can’t recall everything we do, see and hear. Kind of good in some respects, but we miss out on our ability for lovely story telling later or to leave a historical picture behind.

I’ve been pretty good at capturing those moments. It’s really easy not to though, the “I’ll never forget that” memory. I forgot. So I switched my thinking to “best I just capture that now”. And how did I capture all the words and moments not photographed or videoed?  Quick, grab a piece of paper and note it.  I now have so many scraps of paper it’s hard to digest.To see the evolving story. To show them their big picture. So they have their story captured.

The same thing applies in business. Because you're aware of the pitfalls of not doing this.

… Our most knowledgeable team member leaves next week, we haven't captured what she does... 

… We have 3 people starting next week, everyone do your bit then he'll work it out slowly... 

… That issue was raised last year too, what did we do about it…?

… We’ll rely heavily on our people when we expand, myself included...

… I’m ready to sell, how do I show how it all works and not get tied into staying on to train and transition the new owner…? 

Everything slows down at these times and the learning curve bolts upwards.  

So write it down, expose your systems and make the actions visible. Capture all those learnings as you go. Easily. By having a Bedrock System in place to let that happen.

So the story can be retold without you. It will change the way your business is run.


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