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Do we practice what we preach?

Ive been really fortunate over the last few weeks to be in a place where the flow is just happening.  

Ideas, design, redesign, all sorts of amazing stuff.  

I’ve also been lucky to be able to bring on a new team member. Oh my, what a gem. And what an enabler. Her induction process has naturally resulted in detailed discussions. Because every time you explain your business to someone new, is a MASSIVE OPPORTUNITY. You see or are reminded of those things that don’t makes sense easily. And it opens up a new view on it. Before it gets embedded as ‘normal’.

​Talking through how things are done, is a no excuses opportunity. How many times have you said or heard: “Oh, that bit is out of date so don’t worry about that bit for the minute, here I’ll just show you the way that I do it”. Mmmmmmm. Resonates?



As me and my new gem have been talking through and making improvements, we capture it. As we go, we have our own Bedrock System open and we edit the processes as we go. To grab the knowledge and ideas as they are oozing out so naturally. Our rule is, don’t capture that confirmed change on paper. Pop it into the system as the new approved way. It’s awesome.  And quite a buzz. Things feel organised, and we focus on making it better for next time. 

This folks is called CONTINUAL IMPROVEMENT.

Its empowering. We have an online system. In a super dooper simple structure. So that we know exactly where to go to find something, to learn from it, repeat it and update it.

Be slick.

Be cool.

Don’t get stuck.  

Enable the flow.

Get your processes written up, super simple and online.

Our Bedrock System will get you up and running super quick.

It will change the way your business is run.


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