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Don't start with the garden shed

Ok, picture this…

You're preparing for the architect to arrive at your place.  You’re super excited.  This is your dream home. The plans are out.

The first thing you’re presented with is the mechanics of how the garden shed will be structured and laid out. What? Why would they do that?

​Yes the garden shed is an important part of your dream home.  One you will certainly spend quite some time in I’m sure.  And I hope it’s a beautiful space for you.  I really do.

​But it doesn’t show you what you need to know, at that time.  To be able to instantly see what your place will look like.  You need to be presented first up with the big picture. Your HOME.

​Its lie on the land. To get a feel for how sunny and warm it will be. Where and how you will live in it. Its overall aesthetic. Can you picture yourself in it? Well, its probably a little bit harder to tell if you’re presented with the garden shed first. 

This narrower view distracts and hinders you from being able to make DECISIONS.

So Architects present you with the big picture first.  Then the individual spaces inside and outside.  And then the mechanics so you can feel safe that it will be constructed for stability, it can stand up to all nature will throw at it and it meets your budget.


With this frame, put yourself in the shoes of your new employee… 

​Welcome them, they’re an important addition to your team. 


Make them feel part of it.

Then provide the clear guide for WHAT they do.

And HOW they do it. 

Don’t show them the garden shed until they understand where that garden shed is located and what it’s purpose is.  

So when they need to learn all about the ins and outs and changes to the shed, they know where to go to get that information and they know how to update it if need be.


How? ​

Get a Bedrock System to enable you to get your processes written up, super simple and online. It will change the way your business is run.


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