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Understanding your processes does not have to be complicated, even when the processes themselves are complex. This is one of our key learnings from years (and years, and years...) of analysing and documenting business processes, across an extensive range of business types, and understanding how all processes hinge together to make up a great system. Most businesses and organisations have great systems, but the process of formalising that system is a task that typically falls into the important/not urgent quadrant of things to do. Because it’s overwhelming to know where to start, to remove that complexity and then actually getting it done. Bedrock are here to change that, because formalising your system enables you to understand and show how everything works. To reduce business risk, increase business efficiency, increase business value and enable cleaner owner exits. It’s absolutely worth the opportunity cost. We want to help you get there. So we created the 6 PRINCIPLES OF BUILDING EFFECTIVE BUSINESS SYSTEMS. To support you getting it done.

-------------------- PRINCIPLE #1:

STRUCTURE IS EVERYTHING Simplify. Simplify. Simplify. To ensure that your documented system is easy to navigate, interpret, and replicate, a fierce focus on simplification is required. The design and creation starts mapping your business from its highest process level - the business model, to ensure a clear and simplified understanding of all the moving parts. The architecture is the anchor.

All process and procedure documentation must then hinge from this top structure to align all the operations together and to eliminate process and team silos and unnecessary duplication. To ensure that when it comes time to learn or change the system, it is understood and analysed in context. Not in a siloed, isolated view.

This save time and minimises rework later on. And that costs $’s. Clear is kind.


BEDROCK, we know business and we know business process like no other. We are process simplification experts. We’ve already pre-designed your system structure and have a clever system to customise our expertly designed workflow templates to your operations using a supportive process.

We know what processes you need to document, exactly how to document them and in what priority order and have templates actually 'ready-to-go'. We set up and have pre-designed your Process Street workflow management tool, so we can get you formalising your system super quick, enabling you to focus on completing the detailed steps.

Formalising a business system, simplified process design and documentation is complex. The Bedrock System is specifically designed to make this easier for you. Let's chat - the system to formalise your system #strongsystems #processdriven #documentation #simplifybusiness #businessexit


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